Industrial dance duo Dead Lights have dropped the gritty and dystopian-styled title track of their forthcoming EP, "Doom Doom Trash".

Dead Lights is the product of a collaboration between Saul and Richard, two musicians and producers living in the UK and Netherlands. The two joined forces at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, making their uniquely grimy and dark electronica sound remotely, with their physical distance proving to be no barrier to their art.


Their music happily eschews obvious labels, taking notes from the likes of glam, goth and industrial to create something that’s truly their own, filled with booming vocals and beats and gritty synth sounds. They’re set to properly announce their arrival with a four-song EP dropping this March.


Ahead of that release, the band have put out “Doom Doom Trash”, the title track of the EP. It’s a thrumming industrial tune that marries bopping synth and bass lines with vocals that embody the dystopian feel of Dead Lights’ new music. Think “dancefloor at the end of the world” vibes, and you’re about there.

Stream below: