Musical collab Cellz x Blue Glass have released the first taste of their dreamy EP, "Dream On".

Cellz x Blue Glass is the result of a collaboration between two exciting and dynamic artists in perfect tune with one another. Cellz hails from Munich, an artist who happily blends genres from jazz to hip-hop and has made his name on the live circuit. Blue Glass hails from the island Antigua in the Caribbean, whose calming wave sounds have influenced Blue Glass’ musical interests, which include trip-hop and psychedelia.


“Dream On” is the first taste of what happens when the two musicians join forces, with the result being a vibrant and soothing combination of Cellz’s vocals and saxophone, and Blue Glass’ eloquent production and vocals, with the lyrics inviting the listener to find peace with their difficulties and embrace the calm. It’s a glimpse at a full EP that the two artists are working on together.


On the track, the pair say “You’ve got to move on, regardless of the hardships of life”, summarising the transcendent intent of this new collab. They’re aiming to take their influences to a place outside the spectrum, and they’re excited to have their listeners follow them there.

Listen below: