Back with a punk-rap bang, gothking opts for a mellower sound in his latest soul-baring single, ‘Dreamcast’.

In gothking’s eyes, “Human beings should be constantly evolving,” and music should follow the same path. That’s why his latest single, ‘Dreamcast’, shows a completely different side of his artistry. Departing from his goth-punk roots, evident in previous singles like ‘Texxxho’ and the well-loved ‘J M S F R N C O’, he replaces the punchy soundscapes of the past with spellbinding bedroom-pop rhythms, whilst his raspy vocals give way to softer, more sunken tones.


Far from a newbie, gothking initially appeared on the scene in 2017 with heavy rock banger, ‘Rags’. Since then, the only way has been up for the artist, collaborating with some of music’s biggest hotshots, from rapper Tommy Cash to hyper-pop duo Little Big, elevating his artistry and penchant for genre-bending to greater levels.


Doing things differently, ‘Dreamcast’ sees gothking —whose real name is Andy Zozyulya — bare his soul deep, balancing the feelings of falling in love with the addictive nature of pleasure. Channelling this focus into comparisons between romance and video games, the dreamy soundscape, filled with mellow guitar riffs, juxtaposes the unfiltered lyrics that see gothking’s introspective nature take centre stage.


Speaking further on the track, gothking says: “I’ve always seen my music as a way to escape reality, and I want to make it on my own terms. As an industry insider, I’ve learned a long time ago not to have illusions, so my biggest goal right now is making music the way I want. Human beings should be constantly evolving, and I constantly find myself writing texts and producing content in the creative industry.”

Listen to 'Dreamcast' now: