NYC artist Stella. intertwines the whimsical with indie-pop in his latest offering, ‘Dreaming’.

Certain artists brashly wear their hearts on their sleeves. They weave poignant lyrics that convey universal truths, as they forge connections with their audiences. Whether delving into personal experiences, grappling with issues like loss, or unravelling the intricacies of heartbreak, this cadre of musicians deserve commendation for their vulnerability. Among them is Stella., an artist who fearlessly explores his life’s endeavours. As he reaps the fruits of his efforts in baring his soul, he crafts lush soundscapes that bring a unique perspective to the saturated indie-pop scene.


Entering the scene with a splash in 2018 with his debut EP Amalfi and subsequent 2020 single ‘Still Choose You’, it wasn’t until the latter year that life’s challenges disrupted his musical pursuits, forcing Stella. to turn inward and concentrate on rekindling his ties to music, life and more importantly himself. He now returns, after a hiatus of four years, and is back doing what he does best: weaving sincere lyricism through a veil of self-reflection.


To mark his musical comeback, Stella. unveils his latest track ‘Dreaming’, revealing that his unabashed authenticity has not dissipated in his interlude. Written amid lockdown, within the confines of his childhood bedroom, the track paradigmatically captures the collective emotions experienced by many during that surreal period. Despite the vibrant and upbeat rhythm of the song’s production, it is artfully juxtaposed with a concurrent sense of introspection. As the tender plucking of acoustic guitar strings plays, a measured drum rhythm runs alongside, as Stella. explores the uncertainty and unfamiliarity we all encountered during lockdown.


Undoubtedly, one thing is crystal clear: if Stella. persists in maintaining his hallmark authenticity as he crafts relatable lyrics, he is bound to carve out his own distinct path, and many of us will assuredly be keenly following with a close eye.


Speaking on the track further Stella. explains, “’Dreaming’ is about when the life you find yourself living becomes so surreal that you can’t tell whether or not you’re sleeping or awake.”

Listen to 'Dreaming' now: