Alt-R&B artist jocelvn drops the music video for her latest single, 'dreamperson'.

In the realm of Alternative R&B, rising star jocelvn is breaking through with her distinctive sound and poignant lyricism. After gracing local college festivals and sharing stages with luminaries like Lucky Daye, Mereba, and Dreezy, the California-Taiwanese artist has dropped the music video for her latest single, ‘dreamperson’, on November 27th.


Jocelvn’s multicultural background weaves seamlessly into her Alt-R&B/Soul sound, a blend of influences that creates a captivating and fluid musical experience. Drawing comparisons to artists like Syd, Jhené Aiko, UMI, and Kehlani, jocelvn’s music is a breath of fresh air, marked by honesty and potential.


The upcoming EP, ‘spooky’, is on the horizon, and as a precursor, jocelvn is unveiling the visually stunning music video for ‘dreamperson’. The track, characterised by a hypnotic deep bass beat, showcases jocelvn’s dream-like vocals, floating effortlessly and cutting through the musical landscape with an underlying authority reminiscent of early Frank Ocean.


Lyrically, ‘dreamperson’ delves into the realms of loss, love, death, yearning, and grief, employing ghostly imagery and the concept of summoning an ex, both literally and figuratively. With vulnerability and cutthroat honesty, the track envelops listeners in a raw, sultry vocal delivery, riding atop a slow beat that exudes coolness and chill.


Teaming up with director Ocean Vashti Jude, the music video narrates the story of someone grappling with the loss of a partner, exploring themes of grief, healing, and the ethereal. Jocelvn’s portrayal of a sage-like seance adds an innovative touch, purifying space and ridding it of negativity while evoking a bittersweet enactment of past love.


In discussing the inspiration behind ‘dreamperson’, jocelvn shares: “The song is based on a short story about someone who’s lost their lover tragically and is searching for them by revisiting their old karaoke spots and trying to summon them by singing their favorite songs. In the process, they’ve also realized dynamics within the relationship that they should have corrected — so the song is also about caring for someone in the ways that they want to be cared for.”


With its innovative soundscape and emotionally resonant narrative, ‘dreamperson’ not only solidifies jocelvn’s unique sonic identity but also promises to be a gripping addition to the Alternative R&B scene. As the music video unfolds, audiences can expect to be taken on a journey that transcends the auditory, capturing the essence of love, loss, and self-discovery.

Watch the video for 'dreamperson' now: