STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION releases latest anime-inspired single 'Drifters'.

Tokyo-based artist STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is well known for his enchanting tracks that are often featured as theme songs for popular anime shows. His latest release, ‘Drifters’, is no exception. Not only is the single a captivating dance-pop anthem, but it is also the ending theme for the hit show Synduality: Noir. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION transcends musical boundaries with ‘Drifters’.


In typical STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION fashion, ‘Drifters’ is a combination of several genres that create an ethereal feeling. A dance-pop foundation gives the track a catchy, fun vibe, but the analogue synth samples interwoven with a comforting melody give the song a calming ambience. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION uses vocal processing to enhance this effect.


“This song is perfect for times when you want to unwind, like during a leisurely drive! Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial in living each day to the fullest,” he says. “It is important to always have a sense of purpose, think consciously, and act with intention as the key to living flexibly.”


STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is no stranger to creating music that resonates with both music enthusiasts and anime viewers. His 2013 single, ‘Daisy’, was featured as the ending theme for Beyond the Boundary, beginning his foray into anime soundtracks. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has produced and sung on tracks for several popular anime series since, including Dimension W, Food Wars!, Moriarty the Patriot, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has since become well-known among anime viewers and often plays shows at anime conventions. His upcoming tour dates include Anime Expo Santiago, Anime Milwaukee, and Kawaii Kon Hawaii.


‘Drifters’ is set to play as the ending theme to Synduality: Noir’s second season, which premiered on January 9, 2024. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION penned the opening theme of the show’s first season, called ‘Raytracer’. It is common for anime series to switch up theme songs from season to season. Synduality: Noir is a futuristic anime about a character named Kanata who wants to be a Drifter, hence the single’s title, “Drifters.” The show’s first season is currently available to stream on Hulu.


STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION also creates music under the name RON. As RON, he has produced songs for voice actors and other artists and has lent his voice to tracks for series such as Hypnosis Mike, A3! and Love Live! Sunshine!! He has done additional work on anime soundtracks, creating theme tunes for shows like ReZero: Starting Life in Another World and BNA. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is committed to sharing his vision through music, regardless of what name he uses. He not only plays many instruments but is known for his programming arrangements and unique production techniques.


STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION’s innovative musical style has made him a fixture in the anime community. With the new single ‘Drifters’, he helps connect more anime fans to his music and introduces music enthusiasts to Synduality: Noir. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is a well-established artist who continues to build his reputation for creating unique, popular tracks.

Listen to 'Drifters' now: