Redcar rapper Dylan Cartlidge reaches out the alienated kids and bored teens on his new single The World Outside.

Most conversations about UK rap revolve around London. While the discussion has broadened in recent years to include cities like Manchester, Birmingham and particularly recently Northhampton, the vast majority of British rap music, be it drill, road rap, grime or UK hip hop hails from the capital.


Dylan Cartlidge might just change that. Hailing from Stoke and raised in Redcar he’s about as provincial as UK rappers come and just as talented as any MC hailing from one of the big cities. He’s also a gifted singer and songwriter, talents he combines with his gift for bars expertly and to critical acclaim, having performed alongside Octavian at Annie Mac Presents and working with Jamie T on his debut EP which drops tomorrow.


Today we’re premiering ‘The World Outside’, a striking new single from that EP that showcases Cartlidge’s talents at their best. A mix of conscious lyricism, pop sensibility and belting choruses ‘The World Outside’ is a searing assessment of his upbringing, telling tales of kids burning down schools and alienated teens. Yet far from an angry hit at society, Dylan turns these stories into a tale of hope, encouraging the listener to grow from their hardships.


Speaking about the track, Dylan Cartlidge said “‘The World Outside’ is one of the earlier songs that I wrote and then recorded with a producer & good friend of mine Brendan Portues. The song was a release of hope for me while also being a look back on an earlier part of my life as an adult. It was about learning that alienation & solace can be found in the greenhouse of adversity and that I believe growth, closure and movement can be found in opening the door to the future.” Listen to ‘The World Outside’ below.