Grant Armour has dropped an atmospheric new single, "Early Daze".

Before anything else, Grant Armour is an observer. In his own words, “I needed to see some shit before I could write anything decent”, and he’s certainly lived up to that tenet. He has spent the last ten years travelling around the world, making documentaries on a litany of hot-button subjects, such as the first documentary on Greta Thunberg and features on drug cartels in Mexico and human rights abuses in Guetemala.


Now, Armour has begun to take all that he has learned and put it into his music – which has always been an intense interest for him, usually as instrumental scores for his own films. His latest work finally puts his voice to the forefront to create atmospheric, intriguing pop.


Such an example is his new track, “Early Daze”. The song interweaves jangly instrumentals with Armour’s purposefully ethereal vocals, bringing a sense of mysticism and possibility to the excitement of a relationship’s beginnings. It’s not quite possible to put a finger on the atmosphere Armour is building, but that’s very much the point – it’s all about feelings that haven’t quite allowed themselves to be expressed yet.


On the track, Armour says, “This song is about the haziness of meeting someone for the first time in real life who becomes your partner. I think the haziness is part of the fun of how a human relationship begins in the real world and how stories get created, rather than the more clinical and transactional feeling of dating through apps. The mood of the track also draws on the difficulties in maintaining a relationship in a city.”

Listen here: