catGRINZ teases upcoming EP “Highest In The Room” with alt-pop track, “Easily Erased”.

Born out of heartbreak, emerging artist catGRINZ’s career started with YouTube uploads as a teen. Pouring her heart out over the internet became a distraction from young love-turned-sour, and an outlet for insecurities and matters of the heart. But, after a while of the North Californian sharing her music on a small scale, she realised that music could be something more than just a release, and brought out her first co-produced single “VICES”.


Since then, she’s hit the books – having attended music classes online to master the art of producing. The beginning of her debut EP “Highest In The Room”, which is slated for a June release, came from these sessions. The EP’s eponymous track came from a homework assignment, and she’s since teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer Riley Ulrick to perfect the summer record. 


“Easily Erased” is the second taste of the upcoming EP, a gentle song with enchanting vocals and a meaningful undercurrent. Making for an effortless listening experience, the musician balances out silky melodies with a satisfying beat. Speaking on the track, she explains, “Easily Erased is about being hurt by the people I loved and how those experiences made me scared to love again, but by cutting those people off, it lead me to a better place in my life.” For fans of Billie Eilish or Kali Uchis, catGRINZ is one to watch. 

Listen to "Easily Erased" below: