Emerging artist SIMMY drops his latest single 'EASYSTAR', a fusion of hip hop and alternative rock showcasing his musical evolution.

Hailing from Italy, SIMMY‘s path to musical stardom took an unexpected turn when he traded a potential football career for a life in South London at the age of 18. Now, with ‘EASYSTAR’, he offers listeners a glimpse into his introspective journey of leaving his homeland and embracing a new life in a vibrant city.


Following the success of his collaboration with Greentea Peng and Kid Cruise on ‘Free My People’ – featured in FIFA 22’s soundtrack and remixed by Mike Skinner of The Streets – SIMMY is gearing up to make an even bigger impact with his upcoming second EP, HELLO WORLD. Under the guidance of creative director Morgan Benjamin, SIMMY explores both indie and alternative rock influences, further dabbling with the boundaries of his musical expression.


‘EASYSTAR’ is proof of SIMMY’s versatility and growth as an artist. Produced in collaboration with George Ackerley at Bath House Studios, the track features a blend of Lo-fi instrumentation that underscores SIMMY’s lyrically emotive flair. From the haunting reggae instrumental to the introspective verses, ‘EASYSTAR’ takes listeners on a journey through SIMMY’s experiences of fear, uncertainty, and ultimately, self-discovery.


In his own words, SIMMY reflects on the inspiration behind ‘EASYSTAR’, stating, “It was a feeling of nirvana in the end, and ‘EASYSTAR’ tries to turn some of that introspection into something sweet.” With each note, SIMMY invites audiences to share in his journey and find solace in the beauty of transformation.

Listen to 'EASYSTAR' here now: