Electro-Gospel artist, Talia Arose, presents her latest EDM-inspired track "EAT", celebrating her gratitude to God.

Born in London to a Colombian mother and British father, Talia Arose grew up against the backdrop of the London’s ’90s garage R&B scene as well as being immersed in Latin sounds from Salsa, Cumbia to Vallenato. The arts were always a part of Talia’s life, having enrolled into the Sylvia Young Theatre school at the age of six to study musical theatre. However, it was a transformative encounter with a gospel artist at Wilderness festival in 2021 that really ignited her faith and kickstarted her musical career as we know it today.


Talia moved to the French Capital and started a cabaret-style pop-up dinner show called ‘Love Letters from Paris’ performing songs about her faith and persevering in love. After touring around Egypt, Casablanca and Bethlehem, with shows coming up in Ibiza and New York, Talia hopes to export her potent combination of electro-Gospel songs around the world.


Speaking on her latest track “EAT”, Talia explains: ‘The song is about seeking and finding spiritual food in a wilderness state. It’s my expression of gratitude to God for the joy that has come over me, the confidence I feel when I am filled with an overwhelming comfort and peace, satiated in my soul no matter what tense situation I have been in mentally or physically.’ 


Alongside the track comes ethereal dream-like visuals that see Talia frolicking around the Salvation mountains and desert. She explains: ‘I am fascinated by the contrast and cycles of life and death, resurrection… it’s really touching and inspiring to see and be in that flourishing of colour and materials. In the Bible, the wilderness (desert) is a place where this flourishing and overcoming is even more prominent so shooting this music video in the desert lands of California was a dream come true.’

Watch the video for "EAT" below: