• Words
  • Photography Alessandra Mureddu
  • Model Barbara Pugliese
  • Styling Celia Arias
  • Styling Assistant Yuiko Lizuka
  • Makeup Elvis Schmoulianoff

Go underground in a rave-inspired editorial all about disconnecting from the everyday.

In a moment where, due to the pandemic, we were lacking collective, euphoric experiences, party nostalgia was a pervading feeling. The feeling of being in front of a sound system, chest reverberating to loud music, connecting with others, and disconnecting from the mundane every day.


Photographer Alessandra Mureddu explained: “The shoot was inspired by the underground rave culture and clubbing, scenes I’ve been an active part of for most of my youth, both as a pleasure seeker and as a photographer.


I aimed to recreate the raving atmosphere with my use of lighting and D.I.Y effects experimented through scanning manipulation and other alternative techniques.


My creative team consisted of dear friends who have been also an active part of raving subcultures and our featured model of choice is the talented music artist Barbara Pugliese, lead singer of Barbarella’s Bang Bang”.



Dive back into a refracted world of shiny, happy dancers in a new editorial that celebrates clubbing and rave culture.