Jump into the world of West London MC, Lord Apex, who’s steadily climbing his way to the top.

Lord Apex has shown no signs of letting up since releasing his first track via Soundcloud in 2014. With over 57,000 subscribers, just under 9 million YouTube views, and a coveted place on Complex’s ‘Rappers to Watch 2021’ line-up, it’s safe to say with each passing year Lord Apex is inching closer to a seat at the top.


Growing up gravitating towards US hip-hop greats like J Dilla and MF Doom, Lord Apex’s name was even inspired by hip-hop producer Madlib’s alter ego Lord Quas. You can detect his continuing affinity to the US and New York hip-hop scene with his album ‘Smoke Sessions 3’ – aptly released on 4/20 – where Lord Apex deftly blends nods to the US with his own signature London sound. With misty soundscapes, complex production, and razor-sharp lyricism, ‘Smoke Sessions 3is a must-listen.


As well as music, Lord Apex has made waves in the fashion scene, collaborating with American workwear brand Carhartt. Apex’s postponed UK and Ireland tour sponsored by the brand finally kicked off in October and runs through November, so you still have your chance to see Lord Apex perform at the top of his game.

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Stream 'Smoke Sessions 3' below:


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