Irish-Welsh singer-songwriter, Dan B. Patrick, unveils his debut EP ‘A Streak of Light’, leading with the poignant new single “Embers”.

Inspired by other Irish artists such as Hozier, Damien Rice and Foy Vance, Dan B. Patrick started writing music from a young age, playing his first gig in Belfast at age 16. Not shying away from hard-hitting topics, Dan’s songwriting tends to focus on the most significant aspects of human existence: love, loss, mortality and hope.


After enjoying success with his previous singles “Waiting” and “Always”, Dan returns with his debut EP A Streak of Light and its lead single “Embers”. With its soaring piano and powerful vocals, the song transmuted and took on new meaning throughout Dan’s creative process.


‘“Embers” was written ‘at a time when I felt particularly panicked about the future’ explains Dan, ‘I felt as though I was very far away from the goals I had set myself and that I was badly letting my younger self down. So, the song was initially written as a letter of apology to my younger self (which in hindsight was absurdly melodramatic)’.


However, after brainstorming ideas for the music video concept, everything clicked into place and the true meaning of the song became clear to Dan. After tweaking some of the lyrics, the song ‘became more impactful in every sense.’ Inspired by his grandparents’ relationship, the song and its accompanying video grapple with the heartbreak that can come with battling Alzheimer’s in a family. Since Dan’s grandmother has dementia, he thought it ‘really important to highlight the humanity of those that live with the disease, as they can often be depicted as patients in popular culture rather than the wonderfully complex individuals that they are.’

Watch the music video for "Embers" below: