Gearing up to her EP release, we talk to breakthrough girl-genius, Emmy Meli about her latest track ‘Silence’, her genre-bending sound and going viral.

Two years ago, Emmy Meli took to TikTok to wear her heart on her sleeve. Crooning empowering lyrics, “I am woman, I am fearless/ I am sexy, I’m divine”, she shared a snippet of her song ‘I AM WOMAN’ on the platform, letting fate take its cause. Piquing the ears of woman around the globe, her words spreaded like wildfire, amassing an astounding 36 million views. Unbeknownst to her, she sparked a cultural and social phenomenon. Soon TikTok users used the song as a catalyst to feel good, utilising the single as a backtrack for their own empowering photo montages, celebrating their femineity and individuality.


“Going viral is very interesting…you reach millions of people and touch the hearts of the collective; the people that needed to hear your message,” Emmy muses, talking about going viral. For Emmy, her artistry is simple: if she’s made a person find solace and comfort in her words then she’s done her job. Crafting lyrics that flow like poetry, she pours her soul into creating tracks brimming with self-empowerment, all set to a genre-blurring sound that interplays tinges of pop and R&B to the rhythmic groove of soul and jazz.


Why the incorporation of soul and jazz? Well, these genres are a nod to Emmy’s upbringing, shaped by the timeless tunes of jazz legends, Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald—two artists who she owes her vocals abilities and skill to. Among these influences, Barbara Lewis stands as a pivotal figure with her R&B classic ‘Hello Stranger’ inspiring Emmy’s forthcoming EP of the same name. Paying homage to Lewis’ impact on her artistry, the EP is a telling tale of to expect the unexpected. Set to be with us this spring, the EP promises a collection of tracks laden with Emmy’s introspective lyricism and fearless exploration of genres.


Giving us a snippet of what’s in store for her EP, Emmy’s recent single, ‘Silence’ shines a spotlight on the tapestry of jazz and soul. Laced with a funky trumpet opening and quirky electric guitar melodies, the song bursts to life, enhanced by the larger-than-life presence of the horns. Based on her personal struggle with anxiety, the track became Emmy’s cathartic outlet, weaving together poignant lyrics that delve into the struggle to quieten overwhelming emotions and find inner peace amidst the chaos.


As she basks in the limelight of ‘Silence’ and gears up to her EP release, we talk to breakthrough girl-genius about her latest track, her genre-bending sound and going viral.

Congratulations on ‘Silence’! In the track we hear lyrics of trying to quieten your thoughts as you grapple anxiety. What is the meaning behind the track? Did any events inspire its creation?

Thank you so much! The track is truthfully based on the tough time I was going through mentally after ‘I AM WOMAN’ and while writing this project. My anxiety was at its worst and every day was just trying to get by, to find ways to cope. I was exhausted and burnt and having panic attacks… ‘Silence’ was just me writing what I needed.

The track sees you bring jazz and soul tendencies to  the forefront—from the trumpet to a funky electric guitar melody in the backdrop. What inspired you to bring those elements into the song?

 I always like to say I am music and music is me. It’s like my soul is comprised of a horn section, good bass lines, soft piano, and kind words that rhyme . This is my reasoning for the sonic elements I choose. On the methodical side, my producers and I had a poster with a list of instrumentation each track should have to keep the story consistent; not to mention these are just the genres of music that feed my soul.

How do you think those elements and the other musical arrangements contribute to the overall vibe and energy of the track?

I think the horns definitely add a “larger than life” feel to the track, as well as act as a constituent to the chaos. The arrangement quite literally feels like “big feelings” and hits hard.

From laying your emotions bare in ‘Silence’ to unravelling messages of self-empowerment and womanhood in your breakout single, ‘I AM WOMAN’, why is wearing your heart on your sleeve important to your artistry?

I like to teach what I need to learn and sing what I need to hear. If my honesty can speak to and comfort one person, provide one person solace, make one person feel seen, happy, or sad, I have done my job. It’s just my purpose. To inspire. I truly think authenticity does that, and death to authenticity would be death to my soul.

Speaking of ‘I AM WOMAN’, the track took off on TikTok and changed your life in a split second. What was it like going viral? How has your whirlwind journey been so far?

Going viral is very interesting. On one hand- Everyone cares when they want to and when it’s not “cool” to care anymore they hop on the bandwagon. On the other hand, you reach millions of people and touch the hearts of the collective; the people that needed to hear your message. That’s what I cared about, is reaching those that needed to hear me. My journey since then has been everything but easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is beautiful for the thing you love most in the world to be your biggest teacher.

In your artistry you blend elements of hip-hop, R&B, pop, soul and jazz for a genre-blurring sound. How would you describe your sound as an artist? Do you view your sound as fluid?

I would just describe my sound as Emmy. A musical description of my insides. My sound is definitely fluid, as I have continued and will continue to bounce around, fluctuate, experiment, and grow. I want to break boxes!

Releasing tracks filled with self-empowerment and vulnerability, what are some of your go to empowering tracks that you find comfort in?

‘Video’ by India Arie! My current fav. Lauryn Hill as well to feed the spirit. Also, female rap hypes me up when I need to remember who the fuck I am. Love Doja, Megan, Doechii, etc.

Your forthcoming EP, Hello Stranger, takes its name from Barbara Lewis’ R&B track released in the 60s. How has Barbara Lewis and other artists shaped your sound today?

It was what my dad raised me on. So to be honest, I owe my skill and vocal abilities to black women. It was Barbara Lewis and various other black women in R&B from that time that raised me, held my heart in their hands, and TAUGHT me to sing; and quite frankly so many icons today that continue to teach me. I am eternally grateful.

‘Silence’ is part of your EP, set to be with us in May. What can we expect from the project?

I would say expect to cry, laugh, feel incredible, and most importantly expect the unexpected!!

 Describe the EP in three words.

Passionate, introspective, healing.

After Hello Stranger comes out, what else does 2024 have in store for Emmy Meli?

A tour, lots of performing, and LOTS of new music. 10-15 tracks worth… wink.

Listen to 'Silence' now: