Australian musician Yoste, aka Kurt Sines, drops the latest jam from his upcoming EP.

Yoste, aka Kurt Sines, knows a thing or two about ambient pop. His recent single, the soaring “Chihero”, has already clocked up some 20m Spotify streams, cementing the Brisbane-born musician as being well on his way to giving Aussie heart-throb Troye Sivan a run for his money.

His latest single is the melodic and stripped back “Empty”, which has been lifted from his upcoming EP, try to be ok, which is schedule for release in mid-February. It’s set to feature complex subject matter, devling deep into existentialism and disconnection – promising to be an intense project. “Empty” is all about the lack of knowledge that comes with everyday life, the feeling of not fully grasping the world we live in. It’s catchy and angelic, with tempo shifts running throughout.

“Empty’ follows ‘Blue’ deliberately. In many ways it carries the same themes but finds some resolution. It’s about recognising that I will never fully understand most of myself or what’s around me, but there’s peace in not knowing.” Yoste explains for the new track. “Again, I wanted to counterbalance those quite heavy ruminations with positive instrumentation, something people could dance to and not necessarily think about. That’s quite key to my approach in general – I want all the songs to have depth for those who care to look, but I don’t want to beat anyone over the head with my esoteric angst.”

"Empty" by Yoste