Blending retro pop and poetic soul, Em's new single, "Back Into Your Heart" explores the aftermath of heartbreak.

Em is a gifted singer-songwriter from New Jersey whose latest single, “Back Into Your Heart,” showcases her distinct style. Her sound blends iconic retro pop influences, poetic soul, and a captivating sensual flair.


Describing her music as inherently spiritual, Em transcends mere auditory pleasure, offering solace, inspiration, and a connection to something greater. “Back Into Your Heart” explores the renewal of the heart chakra, delving into the aftermath of heartbreak, feelings of betrayal, and the subsequent loss of trust. However, the song also reveals the divine’s ability to restore love within one’s heart. Em’s message is clear: have faith, endure the healing process, and experience love in all its forms.


The accompanying music video for “Back Into Your Heart” accentuates the song’s themes, with Em and her team crafting a visual narrative that mirrors the song’s journey. The video was filmed at Tyler Arboretum and Ott’s Exotic Plants, with Em scouting the locations herself. The video culminates in an otherworldly spectacle that signifies the ultimate healing and beauty that awaits.


Em’s dedication to her craft is apparent in every aspect of “Back Into Your Heart.” Anthony Sabino, a talented filmmaker, collaborated closely with Em to bring the video’s symbolism to life. Every frame immerses viewers in the journey of self-discovery, resilience, and the pursuit of love. “Back Into Your Heart” is more than just a single—it’s an emotional experience that invites listeners to embark on a spiritual journey.

Stream "Back Into Your Heart" below: