Petrie frontman George Edward debuts a new solo project Buzz Violet with brand-new single “Energy”.

Buzz Violet is a solo project crafted by bedroom-pop artist George Edward. Also known for his gig as part of indie duo Petrie, George is also progressing his own experimental-pop project Buzz Violet.


Petrie is an acclaimed indie band that built up an impressive 4 million streams on Spotify alone, some of their most popular releases include “Personal Space” and “Jealousy”. Now also exploring a new solo adventure, today sees George launch Buzz Violet with dream-pop debut single “Energy”.


Speaking about the track George says: “’Energy’ is a confession of one’s tendency to drink too much on the weekend and make poor decisions that negatively affect the relationships with those around you. I wrote it in the aftermath of a big night out where I made a fool of myself and regretted it – something I’m sure most of us can relate to! The narrator is explaining to a love interest that meeting them has inspired a desire to live life to the fullest by leading a crazy, hedonistic lifestyle as a means to recover from a dark period in the years beforehand”.

Stream "Energy" below: