Sam Feldt is back with a collaborative new release “Enough To Drink” featuring L.A. vocalist Cate Downey.

Dutch DJ Sam Feldt hits back with the ultimate club track, “Enough To Drink” featuring accompanying vocals from viral TikTok star Cate Downey. Stood as his debut release of the year, this new track does not disappoint and is a bright look into what 2023 has in store for the artist.


Making a name for himself in the electronic scene with his debut release “Bloesem” in 2014, Sam has since evolved his sound through a string of melodic house cuts. Leaving 2022 with the nonchalant release “Better (Thomas Nan Remix)”, “Enough To Drink” follows up as an exciting introduction to the new year and is soon to be followed by some more exciting projects.


Speaking about his new release and collaboration with Cate, Sam says: “Cate is this great writer from L.A. and I found one of her acapellas on TikTok. I knew immediately it would make a great track. It’s great being in the studio working on my own material again. Every song that is on our upcoming schedule has live elements – guitars, pianos, horns”.

Stream “Enough To Drink” below: