Erockfor, Montreal’s latest rising star, presents her hotly anticipated debut album ‘Phoenix’, tracking her journey of recovery from an abusive relationship.

Much like its name suggests, Phoenix, the debut album from multi-hyphenate Erockfor, chronicles a tale of rebirth and healing. Born from the pain caused by an abusive and adulterous marriage, the album opens with two lead singles, “I Thought You Love Me” and “I Don’t Want You Back”, laying the foundations for the rest of the project.


While the first single plunges into the inexplicable feeling of heartbreak and betrayal upon finding another woman in her marital bed, “I Don’t Want You Back” sees Erockfor reclaim her dignity and vow to leave her traumatic marriage in the past. Although the project is a cathartic dive into a toxic relationship, the following seven tracks focus on healing through the main chakras. Lush with rich harmonies and genre-defying soundscapes, Erockfor’s mesmeric song writing and rich harmonies come together to create an album that is restorative and triumphant.


The album also seems to be an exercise in manifestation, as now Erockfor is back in Montreal thriving. Speaking on the album, Erockfor elaborates: “This album is about my transformation. It’s alchemy. The project starts with the crumbling of my marriage and the infidelity therein. But that pain propelled me towards a life I can’t believe is mine, considering where I started… It’s a love letter to myself and to everyone who listens to it. It’s a reminder that we are all worthy of our own love and that our past doesn’t define us”.

Stream the album below: