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Friday the 18th December saw Notion and Swatch take over Lights of Soho for the official launch of Notion 71, revealing our four cover stars for the first time, and the evening was a roaring success.

Friday the 18th December saw Notion and Swatch take over Lights of Soho for the official launch of issue 71, revealing our four cover stars for the first time. The evening was a roaring success with paparazzi camped outside all night to get a glimpse of the evening’s celebrity guests, including X-Factor finalists Alien Uncovered, designer Julian McDonald and the evening’s headline musical guest Craig David.

The Lights of Soho gallery also played host to performances from Notion 71 stars George Cosby and WSTRN, while the Glitter Beats, Matt Jam Lamont and Tom Parker from The Wanted took care of the decks downstairs in the private members’ area. Drinks were provided with the compliments of Russian Standard Vodka, the bar staff at Lights whipping up a delicious version of Russian Collins.

George Cosby kicked things off with his soulful guitar ballads, capturing the packed room’s attention with his husky voice and haunting arpeggios. As the evening drew in and things began to get more lively, WSTRN treated the crowd to a stellar performance of breakout single ‘IN2’ with the night’s guests eagerly joining in. Those wanting to escape the bustle of the main room headed downstairs to catch DJ sets from Notion’s favourite DJ duo, The Glitterbeats and UK dance scene veteran Matt Jam Lamont.

Of course, there was one name on everyone’s lips as the Russian Standard started to kick in, the garage superstar himself, Craig David. Whisked through the crowd, narrowly avoiding being mobbed upon his entry Craig wasted no time in getting behind the decks, mic in hand to show Notion and Swatch’s guests why his comeback has been so hyped. David’s performance had the crowd going mad; gun-fingers, rewinds, screaming girls, the works.


Just as things looked like they couldn’t get any more gassed, who should turn up but Big Narstie? Taking time to meet his fans, pose for selfies and enjoy the party before heading downstairs to join David, Narstie took up the mic for a thundering performance of new single ‘When The Bassline Drops.’

While the audience members caught their breath after the energetic performances, Tom Parker of The Wanted delighted the already excited crowd, treating guests to an upbeat set down in the Private Member’s Lounge before the evening came to a close.


Notion 71 was suitably welcomed into the world by the great and the good of music, fashion and culture. And that’s what Notion is all about. See more photos from the Issue 71 launch party in the gallery below.


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