'Everlasting Love’ sees J.MYSTERY lay bare his introspective musings in an ode to the magic of love and kindling treasured relationships.

“I wrote ‘Everlasting Love’ thinking of the early stages of a relationship when you want to know more about the person next to you, and you start planning for the future because you know there’s something unique, something worth fighting for. Everlasting love.” 


There is an engrossing charm and vulnerability to J.MYSTERY’s sound that reinforces this statement. Owing to the consistently powerful and affecting nature of his work, ‘Everlasting Love’ is on the way to carving a niche, one which lies within the use of high-quality production and emotionally resonant sounds, layered to strike something deep within listeners. Amplified by the artist’s magnetic performances and enigmatic presence, many of the artist’s songs make for a raw and easily identifiable ode to the most sincere form of love. 


‘Everlasting Love’ sees the singer lay bare his introspective musings on the topic of blooming love, evoking the spirit and euphoria of a new relationship and the wonder and optimism that comes with it. These thoughts and feelings are captured as much through the artist’s delivery and soundscape as it does his lyrics, creating an atmosphere and feel that is full of hope and dreams and visions of a brighter future. 


While the blossoming artist has made a name for himself over the last few years as a singular and boundary-pushing talent, doing things his own way, it is the more human and emotional side of him that has cemented his growing following. This new release sees him continue to open up and bare his soul while maintaining a level of intrigue and mystique through his otherworldly atmospheric style.

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