Hello Lightfoot's debut EP is a mood-shifting pop journey.

The solo project of New York-based artist Jessica Louise Dye, Hello Lightfoot is an outlet for all the experimental and confessional pop tunes that the disco-obsessed Dye has always wanted to create.


She has crafted Hello Lightfoot’s debut EP, ‘Every Circle Needs A Center”, into a calling card that lets the listener know everything they need about what Dye intends to create as an artist, consisting of five songs that weave in and out of various pop subgenres in an intriguing search for meaning.


Opening track “Twenty Seven” bursts out of the gates with playful synth-pop with just a tinge of melancholy in the lyrics, while “Shame” mixes in 90s-flavoured grunge-industrial sounds for a grittier kind of tune. The third track, “Slaughterhouse”, embraces the spirit of experimentation, leaping from a quiet and moody sound to a burst of rocking energy at its very end, while closing track “Folly” provides an atmospheric synthy conclusion to it all.


On the collection, she comments, “One of the themes throughout this EP lyrically is the battle between decisions that propel us forward and backward.  But even a straight line is a circle with an infinite area. I learned a lot about myself as a songwriter and vocalist through this creative process.  That’s why I felt compelled to reference the perfection of a circle to title this EP.  I like to keep myself in a constant cycle of learning new things as I compose.  Each song on this EP acts as an encyclopaedia marking my growth as a songwriter. A circle is a two-dimensional shape formed. I wanted to reference the two-dimensional world, because when I access intense feelings like fear, anger or even joy for my song writing, I have the control to make these emotions feel flattened.”

Listen below: