UK rapper MC Nelson returns with a refreshing surge of energy in latest single, 'Every Goodbye'.

Following the gritty resonance of his previous single ‘Dark City,’ MC Nelson introduces a refreshing surge of energy in this new offering. The track merges nostalgic elements with a contemporary edge, featuring a rich sample reminiscent of chipmunk soul from the 2000s era.


What is immediately pertinent to listeners is the track’s vibrant drum beats and MC Nelson’s dynamic vocal delivery, exuding boundless confidence throughout. ‘Every Goodbye’ delves into themes of lost relationships, as the rapper weaves lyricism into his signature smooth flow.


MC Nelson reveals the personal inspiration behind the track: “Despite the amazing reaction I had to Dark City, hundreds of thousands of streams somehow some rappers I grew up on reached out to me. I had some very notable detractors, first and foremost my mum and aunties who did not like the content and aggression of the song. I wrote ‘Every Goodbye’ for them so the song has a lot of references to my family in it.”


With a growing trajectory in the UK underground rap scene, he has garnered acclaim for his debut mixtape ‘Anglosfear,’ receiving airplay on BBC Radio and recognition from publications such as Noisey, The Guardian, and Wordplay. Having embarked on a UK tour with Punch Records and shared stages with rap luminaries like Ghostface Killah and De La Soul, MC Nelson’s ascent in the music industry shows little sign of stopping.


With his forthcoming debut album ‘Dark City,’ set to debut later this year, MC Nelson continues to solidify his position in contemporary rap music.

Listen to MC Nelson's 'Every Goodbye' now: