From unapologetic rap anthems to gritty punk-tinged tracks, listen now to Devin Sunshine’s debut album, ‘Everything Melts In The End’.

For her first full-length album, Devin Sunshine decided to look inwards. Focusing on the duality of existence and the cycle of life and love, she brings her punky flair to astute lyricism and her go-to mix of alt-pop and rap. The project sees the boundless nature of Devin’s abilities, with tracks from the high-energy rap anthem “DOLLA DOLLA” and the gritty ‘Like That’, through to stripped-back, intimate offerings, “Save It” and “Cut Ties”. Across the record, Devin remains totally herself, drifting between lanes with her flow, tone and energy but keeping confidence in her character. 


Hailing from California, Devin’s found herself part of the alternative pop-rap scene, with influences from classic hip-hop frontrunners Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, to genre-blending rapper Mac Miller and pop-punk princesses Ashnikko and Qveen Herby. Putting an emphasis on eloquent lyricism and channelling her raw emotion, she’s paving her way into the industry as a rapper and singer to watch. 


On the new release, the musician shares, “The title of the album is taken from a poem I wrote years ago – that actually ended up being the intro track of the project. The spoken word poem ends with the line ‘I forgot to tell you… everything melts in the end’, which is similar to how the outro poem ends. In short, this phrase is about realising and acknowledging that this life we’re all experiencing is a short one. And cherishing every single moment, from the joy to the grief to the excitements to the traumas, is of utmost importance. Because we’re here for a brief, magical glimpse. And then we all melt in the end.”

Listen to 'Everything Melts In The End’ below: