We get to know Abi Ocia in her own words.

Abi Ocia is one hell of a talent. Only two songs into her career she’s already amassed over a million listeners and pricked the ears of the press across the UK. It’s not hard to see why either. Take her latest single ‘Konfyt’ a tender, delicately arranged track that defies genre or description. Elements of Spanish guitar mingle with RnB percussion and woozy, off-kilter synths, Abi’s voice rising from the heavenly gloom.


Following the success of  NAO et al. last year, we’re expecting Abi Ocia to be hot on their heels in 2017. With that in mind, we got her to tell us the essentials before she blows up. Listen to ‘Konfyt below and get to know Abi after the jump.

History is a subject very close to my heart
“I spent three years studying History at university and have always been fascinated by Genocide and the Holocaust. A highlight of my week as a child was sitting down with my dad on a Friday night, watching a history documentary and eating takeaway”.

I started working with producer Draper from a Auschwitz trip
“In 2012 I won an essay competition to visit the camp along side the Holocaust Educational Trust. While I was there I met a boy called Merric who mentioned he enjoyed writing music. We exchanged details, and a few months later he messaged me saying he had sent on my information to his older brother who happened to be interning with Draper’s management. Low and behold a few years later we would write my debut single ‘Running’ together”.

Church worship music influenced me
I started singing in church from about 8 years old. There is nothing more striking then hearing and seeing a group of individuals sing from a place of honest intimacy. God remains to be the reason why I do what I do”.

The artwork for “Konfyt” is a photo taken by my dad.
“There is something very endearing about capturing the gaze of a child looking at their parent – a sense of power and vulnerability rolled into one moment”.

‘Konfyt’ is Afrikaans for ‘jam’
“The track was named after a clay pot of ‘Konfyt’ that sits in the studio”.

I am trained in boxing
“While at university I joined the boxing squad and have continued on with the sport. There is no greater feeling then going a few rounds after a stressful day. I also had the privilege of teaching an all female class for a year, so I fully endorse the sport”.

My gym artist to listen to is Meek Mill
“Listening to Meek Mill in the gym is a major key. My brother and I train every week and he is one of the best personal trainers I know – he is the only person to have me deadlifting 110kg”.

My surname is French
“My family surname is French and originates from Brittany. The surname is popular among Huguenots, a name given in the 16th century to the Protestants in France, who fled during dechristianization of the region”.

I have an obsession with cheese
“I think buying 50% less fat cheese should be a crime punishable by life imprisonment. Cheese should not be enjoyed in half measures”.

To me the motherland is…
“St.Vincent and the Grenadines is the motherland, where the people are beautiful and the sun always shines”.


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