Ewan McVicar is the latest Scottish sensation to emerge from the country's rich history of electronic music.

Over the years there have been many talented DJs/Producers to come out of Scotland, with the northern nation incredibly enthusiastic over the art of electronic music. Scotland is a country with such a rich history of exceptional clubbing scenes, extremely passionate ravers and above all else, the freedom to express yourself through an immense cultural outlet, with Ewan McVicar being the latest superstar currently leading the charge for the new generation of Dance music.


Having already accomplished so much in such a short space of time, with ‘Tell Me Something Good’ achieving incredible chart success, playing some of the biggest festivals in the world, and most recently releasing his highly anticipated ‘Heather Park’ EP, it still feels as though the Scottish sensation is only just getting started. The title track from his latest EP was relentlessly requested all over Ewan McVicar’s socials as thousands of comments flooded in daily demanding he release the huge summer anthem, with the demand being met with good reason as prior to release it was setting dancefloors and festival grounds alight with the euphoric energy that emanates from the speakers.


There is such an ethereal energy surrounding everything that Ewan McVicar currently creates, and it is evident through his incredible influences that have been present throughout his rise, with the outcome being a truly courageous artist that isn’t afraid to force his hand in a truly competitive and congested industry. Through his dedicated determination, an admirable work ethic and a real know-how to create foot-stomping beats, he now sits welcome amongst the best in the business.


Notion caught up with Ewan McVicar to talk about how the festival season is going for the Ayr-born artist, the love he has for his hometown in Scotland, his dream line-up, and the release of his exceptional new EP ‘Heather Park’.

Summer 2022 got off to an incredible start. How was your first Glastonbury?

A bit mental. It was a big yin!

And of course you were on Eats Everything’s History of Rave bill playing an Acid House set alongside the likes of Eats Everything, Skream and Fatboy Slim, what an experience that must have been, how did you find it?

The crowd was insane, got to play acid house for the first time in ages since the Granary 12 days & handing over to Randall. Whit a time to be alive!

How did you find your BBC Radio 1 residency, being able to do a variety of different shows from playing entirely unreleased songs all the way to living legends, that must have been pretty special?

I loved it so much. Was amazing to give people an insight to what I like more & the feedback every week connecting with fans was class.

And you’re from Ayr and extremely proud of it, how cool does it feel to be rebuilding the town’s nightlife and culture?

I’ve made it no secret that Ayr is my pride and joy. Mayor of Ayr 2023.

How much of an influence did growing up there have on your musical style and where you’re at now?

Everything I learned was from people from Ayr or club nights. Roose & Streetrave.

If you could curate a night in Ayr with a lineup of DJs from past and present, who would they be to build your dream lineup?

Altern8, Tony De Vit, Paul Johnson, Masters At Work and Harri & Dom.

What kind of artists did you listen to growing up to get to the sound where you’re at now?

Mainly Hip Hop but I have no idea how I’ve got to this sound through that. Electronic music wise I’d say Basement Jaxx & Full Intention.

Obviously Scotland has a rich history of electronic DJs, I know you’re good mates with Chris MacFarlane aka Big Miz, but are there any emerging Scottish DJs that you think have big potential?

Danse Atmos & Hayley Zalassi.

With “Tell Me Something Good” being a sample of Rufus and Chaka Khan’s classic track of the same name, and also remixing Joe Goddard’s “Gabriel”, how do you feel when taking such classic tracks and giving them a modern spin, is there quite a lot of pressure to do it justice, or do you just go for it?

Just go for it!

With another big landmark having just happened, how excited were you to have just released your highly anticipated EP, ‘Heather Park’ on Technicolour (Ninja Tune)?

This has been my biggest personal achievement to date. 2 year in the making and I couldn’t be happier than releasing with a label like Ninja Tune.

With the year already being pretty massive for Ewan McVicar, what can we expect from you in the second half of 2022?

Am gonny hone in on DJing a lot and give out some fuckin massive sets and so many cool unannounced events coming up.

Listen to Ewan McVicar's latest releases below: