DJ and producer Mak 10 creates an exclusive mix for Notion, featuring his new track "Mad in the Fete" with Bala Bala Boyz, and tells us about his musical journey.

MAK 10 might be the new name on everyone’s lips but the DJ and producer is no newcomer to the music scene.


Beginning his career in the infamous Nasty Crew, MAK 10 worked alongside legendary UK artists such as Kano, D Double E, Dizzee Rascal, Ghetts, and Footsie to pioneer Grime.


Evolving from Grime to House to UK Funky, Mak 10 is a skilled genre shapeshifter that launched his solo career just this year. Releasing a stream on singles with names like Nasty Jack, AGZ, and Joe Fire, Mak 10’s latest collaboration is with London’s Congolese-led MC group, Bala Bala Boyz for “Mad in the Fete”.


Now, Mak 10 creates an exclusive mix for Notion, featuring a fusion of UK funky and afro-house sounds. Jump in!

Take us through your mix – who have you included in it and why?

This mix is a fusion of UK funky and afro house. It also features my track “Mad in the Fete” with Bala Bala boys which has a clear afro influence. I’ve got some tracks from UK producers Scottie D, DJ Polo and KG alongside some South African producers. Even though the music I am making is not genre-specific this is definitely a genre I will always explore due to its natural groove and African rhythm. This is dancers’ music.
When did you start making music? What led you to become a producer?
I have always been dabbling in production for many years but I decided to take it seriously at the beginning of 2020. There are a few reasons why I wanted to start.
1) In my opinion it’s important that DJs produce to create their own artistry, to brand themselves better, give a better performance, and become their own artist.
2) My approach to production has always been different but previously I couldn’t see where it would fit in the market. I decided to take it seriously when I felt everything started to sound the same and I felt that I had something new to offer, a different approach, a different sound, and from my own perspective.
How has the music you’ve included in this mix shaped your own music?

Good question! Because my initial background is grime I feel like people might have expected me to be making only grime. However, with my take on music, you shouldn’t be tied down to any genre, any BPM or any specific type of music. This particular sound in this mix is inspired by UK funky. I’ve always been a fan of all different types of house music but afro house is definitely the one for me. The offbeat snares, the thumping kick drum, the initial build-up and progression of tracks, the translation between soulful sound and bass you will probably hear relates to some of my own production.

Do you have a favourite artist in the mix?
The one particular producer on here is KG. I really like her vibes, she bridges the gap between UK funky and South African/afro-house perfectly.
Which track is your favourite from the mix?
Other than MAK 10 and Bala Bala Boyz’s “Mad in the Fete”, there’s a tune called “Let You Leave” – it’s a KG remix, the type of track you have on repeat. This is a really cool 2020 UK funky track that is refreshing to hear.



Deep Xcape, Felo Morez – Just Smile (Amapiano Remix)

DJMreja, Neuvikal Soule – Cosmic Wave 

Mak 10 x Bala Bala Boys – Mad In The Fete (Mastered) 

KG – Sensei 

LR Groove – Format (Master) 

DJ, Fernanda, Txngos, Motiion – My Dreams 

Nan Kolè – FNK 

LR – Groove Stars 

Semi Tee – Boy Boy (Original Mix) 

MR TAFFA – Safari 

Scotti Dee – No More Nights Out 


Hagan – Right Here 

Scotti Dee – Volume 10 

Mya – You Got Me pt. II (Helix’s Got They Ass Mix) 

Scotti Dee – Opal Fruit 

Hagan Waves EP – Ultra 

J-Fresh & DJ Pioneer – Antidote 

Already – SOSA x HYALYTE Beyonce -Already – SOSAS EDITS

Swing Ting x Thai-Chi Rosé – DRAMA [KG REMIX]

DJ Polo – Baixinho VIP 

Let U Leave (KG remix) 24_44.1 Master