Pop powerhouse-in-the-making, Asha Gold, has unveiled her latest single “Exes”.

With syrupy-sweet vocals that made former releases “Margarita”, “Naïve”, “Too Good”, “Passenger”, “Debut” and “Oscar”, Gold is wading through the tens of thousands of streams. Now, her new single “Exes” is set to be another golden combination. With Grammy Nominated producer Monro onboard, this may be her best yet.


Gold explained: “I wrote Exes with the intention of striking a balance between vulnerability and self-assurance. The vocal flickers between sassy punchlines and more gentle melodies, in the same way someone can feel confident and happy in a relationship, but suddenly encounter moments of insecurity. Monro captured this balance perfectly with the production. The lyrics are very honest and quite tongue-in-cheek – the idea that my partner had developed meaningful connections before ours was weird to me, but that felt so silly when I was constantly reassured and I had every reason to trust them. Listening to the song now I realise my feelings were slightly irrational, but as an artist I think it’s especially important to write about those vulnerable moments – it was all in my head really, so putting pen to paper was quite cathartic. Monro captured this tension perfectly with the bouncy percussion underpinned by mellow chord progressions. It’s been amazing to play the song live recently, because I can always see people in the audience (often couples) smiling knowingly at each other – so I think I’m not the only one who’s been in a similar situation!”


You’ll likely be hearing much more from Gold: she is set to support industry mavericks Tamera and also Amelie Bryde in the coming months. Plus, heaped with acclaim from broadcasters – the likes of which include BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra, BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC Radio 3, KISS FM – Asha Gold will certainly be sticking around.

Listen to "Exes" below:


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