As he gets set to release his debut collection of poetry, Destination Nowhere, and his third musical project, Connected Disconnection, here's how Las Vegas artist Exetera managed to get the better of his emotions and craft them into poignant verses.

Exetera’s style of art is unique and resonates with his audience, who share common sentiments and emotions that he conveys through his music, poetry, and art. His artwork reflects his passion for exploring human experiences, and his writing style grips the readers and evokes their emotions.



Exetera’s love for learning was evident from a young age when he first discovered his passion for reading and expanding his vocabulary. As a child, he took lessons in piano and guitar, further nurturing his passion for music.



With his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft, he aspires to reach a broader audience, connecting with more people through his expressions and art. By letting destiny chart his course, he is open to whatever the future holds and looks forward to expanding his horizons and reaching greater heights in his creative pursuits.



Like many of the best artists, his moments of inspiration often come from the most unlikely places. At 12, he began writing poetry to vent his frustrations about his unsteady upbringing. As a high school freshman, he started spitting verses at late-night hangouts with friends, with the obligatory bottles of beer passed around into the wee hours somehow sharpening his lyrical focus. Needlessly to say, he took music seriously as a youngster. It was for him to navigate his emotions and find a way out.



But as an adult, Exetera began to realize that it offered him more than that – it provided him a purpose and career path for his life. In 2012, the artist – announced his first musical project, The Hallway, followed by his second album, Behind Closed Doors. These records showcased his rap abilities, technical prowess, and deep lyricism.



Flash forward to summer 2023, and Exetera is set to embark on the busiest few months of his career. His latest album, Connected Disconnection, is dropping on November 4th. Meanwhile, his first poetry collection, Destination Nowhere, comes out on September 1st. Both releases showcase a mature artist who has finally reached the top of his game.

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