Dutch singer-songwriter RANI unveils her full-length debut album 396, encouraging privacy in relationships with catchy lead single “Exhibition Closed”.

After the release of EP3 in 2020, followed by EP9 and EP6 earlier this year in 2021, Dutch singer RANI has come full circle with her first album 369. A project that merges all three EPs, RANI also offers up three new singles in the form of “Intentions”, “Show Me I’m Wrong” and lead single “Exhibition Closed.”


Whilst RANI inevitably exists in the spotlight, her track “Exhibition Closed” explores how relationships should be kept private, with RANI elaborating: ‘I’m in a relationship right now but I don’t need to be exhibiting every moment of it on social media for it to be real.’ The track, surely destined to be a hit, is released alongside stunning visuals that display RANI’s undeniable pop star potential.


Composed of her name number, personality number and birth number, 369 is a truly personal body of work that shines a light on RANI’s impeccable songwriting skills as well as candy-sweet vocals. Speaking on the release, Rani says: ‘I’ve been working towards this moment since the release of EP3. I’m so excited to bring the three EPs together, along with the new tracks, and present the full story of my first album.’


While this is her debut album, RANI is no stranger to the scene, with over 700 million streams as a featured vocalist. Now that she has released her debut LP her solo career is set to take off, and we’re all here for it.

Watch the video below:


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