On second single 'Expat Living', just Min puts himself in the shoes of the super rich and spoiled.

Since dropping his debut single, ‘Seoul in the Summer’, in July, the buzz has been growing around just Min. Blending R&B, alt-R&B and indie-pop, the artist has already found his own niche between genres, proving his versatility as well as his own flair. New track ‘Expat Living’ builds on this foundation, contrasting lighthearted ukulele and acoustic guitar with darker, more depressing lyrics.


Born in Seoul, raised in Hong Kong and now based in New York City, just Min wants those with similarly eclectic – and at times confusing – upbringings to resonate with the stories in his music. Written and recorded in New York City but reflecting back on his time in Hong Kong, the track is written from the perspective of the spoiled expat peers he grew up around. Commenting on their extravagant lifestyle, the artist leans into playing a character.


 “At least when I was there, Hong Kong’s party culture was notorious. Kids would be partying, drinking, and doing drugs as early as middle school,” he explains. “While writing, I was thinking of Frank Ocean’s ‘Super Rich Kids’, but with a slight twist conceptually and a massive twist sonically.” Inspired by Frank as an artist generally – alongside Lauv, Clairo, Joji and Omar Apollo – it’s a fitting tie-in to just Min’s vision.

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