Synth-pop artist, Maisie May, releases her new EP “Face It”.

With her dreamy electronic falsetto and sound which spans bedroom dream and bubble gum pop, Maisie May has picked up praise from the likes of EARMILK, Highclouds, and Gig Goer. Her source of inspiration being life in the big apple, May writes and produces her own music from her bedroom. She describes her discography as a kind of “sonic diary”.

Following up on her best-known single, “Face it”, which launched this April, May is back with her debut EP which takes the song’s name as its title. From the joyful ethereality of “Colors We Dreamt” to the reverberating rhythms of “Mutual Captivation”, “Face It” is a varied record that never strays too far from the New York artist’s signature synth-pop style – but updates it. In “Lost My Love”, an urgent and honest song about a down point in a relationship, there is a trace of 90s trip-hop, while in “Love Letters on My Computer” May sings against an assured electric-pop backing track with a catchy tune reminiscent of Charli XCX.

May describes her song-writing technique: “This might sound selfish but at first, my creative process always starts with myself. Making music is a way for me to cope with things, to celebrate things, to feel things. But when I get to the final stages of a song, I get this massive amount of joy when I imagine sharing it with people. The idea of taking this thing I made entirely for myself, and then realizing that someone else might also get something from it… that truly is the massive cherry on top of being a writer and producer.”

“I see this piece of work as the most raw and organic representation of my own experiences of love, loss, curiosity and excitement,” May has said, speaking more on the release of her EP. “When I was deciding on the EP’s song order, the only way that made sense was the order in which I wrote them. My music has always felt diaristic and reflective and to put those sonic memories out of order didn’t feel right.'”

May’s experimental and endearing electronic-pop anthems are sure to gain a dedicated following.

Listen to 'Face It' below: