"Chivalry isn’t dead.. Say no to fuck boys.”

What happens when an Emmy Award winning actress and former boy-band member turn their everlasting romantic chemistry into a powerful music collaboration? Fronted by Lil Anne (13 Reasons Why actress Anne Winters) and buzzing vocalist and writer Taylor Beau, the answer is “Faded”.

The infectious track is imbued with passion and channels the sparks of young love.


The two made a point to place emphasis on openness, honesty, and expression of love which allows their best artistic work to blossom, not as separate entities, but as a tightly intertwined pair.
Beau has had a lifetime of intriguing music experience that included stints with Epic Records and Cash Money where his diverse talents flew under the radar before he decided to make the jump to Los Angeles as an independent musician with free reign to be a total creative. Now with an accomplished network of his own, he’s begun to generate serious hit records with producer Tre Wright and thrive as an artist while preaching a love for others in the hopes that they’ll find their superpower too.


As for Winters, best known for her star-studded acting career highlighted by performances on 13 Reasons Why and Zac & Mia, she’s simultaneously fostered an enthusiasm for singing which started in her childhood church that she finally feels prepared to reveal. She chose the Lil Anne moniker to separate her main passion from a newfound form of expression where she can explore her inner wild child who fell in love with a rockstar.