Lucas Elliott enchants with debut single ‘Fairytale,’ and sets the stage for his anticipated EP release.

Emerging from the UK’s vibrant music scene, the enigmatic singer-songwriter and producer Lucas Elliott has unveiled his new single ‘Fairytale,’ ahead of his yet-to-be-named, highly-anticipated five-track EP. Known for his nuanced writing and ever-evolving production skills, Lucas meticulously crafted the track, showing a relentless dedication to the DIY spirit that has defined the success of some of the world’s biggest artists. Investing in a home studio, the singer-songwriter saved up summer job earnings to fund his passion, which he’s now managing to make into a career.


‘Fairytale’ is a tribute to Lucas’ naturally raw emotion, delivering listeners nostalgic soundscapes that sound like no one else. The track tackles the prevalent influence of media on our perceptions of reality, drawing on well-known fairytales to critique the often misleading narratives we grow up with. Lucas’ lyrics seek to dispel these illusions, urging listeners to see beyond the idealised stories of movies and novels.


The rising star’s journey has already garnered attention, featuring on BBC Introducing North East and recognition as a top 30 songwriter in the UK SAYS 2022 songwriting competition. His ability to seamlessly merge various genres and styles sets him apart, producing music that is both familiar and groundbreaking. With ‘Fairytale,’ Lucas demonstrates his musical expertise and undeniable originality as an emerging artist. Keep an eye on the boundary-pushing musician as he continues to captivate with his compelling releases.

Listen to 'Fairytale' now: