Rising singer-songwriter Miles Pascall impresses with his independently released single “Faith over Fear”.

Drawing from his ‘encyclopedia of circumstance’ to curate his modern-day musical diary, London-based singer, Miles Pascall, adds his voice to the growing repertoire of artists who are responsible for the resurgence of the UK’s soul and R&B scene.


Having toured some of the biggest arenas in the world playing the drums for Cosha, Miles Pascall is no stranger to grandiose production. However, for his own musical pursuits, Pascall strips everything back to allow his powerful lyricism and emotive vocals to be brought to the fore.


This approach is no better exemplified than on Pascall’s independently released new single “Faith over Fear” which champions a minimalistic piano-led production to allow space for the listener’s own interpretation of Miles’ soul-baring songwriting.


Speaking on the track, Miles says, ‘“Faith over Fear” is the decision to take back control, regardless of whoever or whatever you choose to believe or not believe in. A few years back I read a quote that said “great songs aren’t written, they’re rewritten”, and so I really took my time with this song to get it to where it is now.”


Having gained critical acclaim from the likes of the BBC and Q magazine, and with more music planned for 2021, Miles Pascall’s star will remain in the ascendancy in the UK and beyond.

Listen to the track below: