Lighting up the dancefloor with his retro-disco sound, Canadian DJ Sleepy Tom drops punchy pop number, ‘Fallin’’.

Sleepy Tom is hooked on retro-sounds. So much so that all his songs naturally teem with nostalgia, as he brings dance and pop together eclectically, intertwining them with ’80s-sounding synths. Filled with funky basslines, shimmering chords and clean guitar accents, his percussive heavy productions beckon you to the dancefloor after the first listen. Upping up the antics, his latest track, ‘Fallin’’, sees him conjure up a punchy pop banger just in time for summer.


Known to his friends and family as Cam Tatham, but to the rest of the world as (not so) Sleepy Tom, the Vancouver-based DJ is far from a newbie to the game. He has been the go-to-producer for Fool’s Gold, Mad Decent and other record labels and has collaborated with electronic heavyweights including Martin Solveig and Dillion Francis, lending them his mixing prowess. His impressive resumé doesn’t stop there, working alongside industry veteran Diplo on their 2015 hit, ‘Be Right There’: a track that flooded global club speakers, reaching number two on the UK dance charts.


Whilst ‘Be Right There’ sees Sleepy Tom’s house affinity come into play, his latest hit, ‘Fallin’,’ sees him opt for mellow and pop-y overhauls. Brimming with sleek guitar lines, and sugar-coated bass interludes, the production leaves you smitten after your first listen. Featuring Dacey, the singer-songwriter brings her infectious high-octane vocals to the mix, complementing the track’s percussive-heavy production.


Speaking about the track, Sleepy Tom says: “Before leaving music camp in the wilderness of British Columbia, Dacey and I vowed to write a song together. Months later, ‘Fallin” was born in my second-bedroom studio. It feels like a pure collaboration to me, combining all the elements of our own music-–heartfelt melodies, sleek guitar lines, and punchy pop production––to create a unique pop ballad. A song that delights me, even after the 1000th listen.”

Listen to ‘Fallin’' now: