Cuban-Canadian artist Aaron Salem has released an unashamedly honest track 'Falling' that you can both relate with and cruise to.

Hailing from Miami Florida but of Cuban-Canadian heritage, Aaron Salem has quickly become a favourite amongst his international fans.


The mass attention around his creative has skyrocketed since the beginning of his music journey, a journey which is definitely one to keep a close eye on. The inspiration to pursue a music career came from Aaron’s sister’s unfortunate passing of an overdose in 2014. Through this tragic loss, the artist was motivated to pursue a music career – which has been fruitful career move.


The artist’s latest track ‘Falling’ is about repeatedly making the same mistakes –  falling for a ‘type’ that isn’t good for you time and time again. Repeating mistakes is something we have all done at some point and I guess that is what makes us human right? Whether that be with a love interest, work, family – the list is endless.


However, there comes a point in time where you have to hold your hands up and take accountability and that is what Aaron is grappling with in his new single.


Aaron’s new track ‘Falling’ amalgamated painful real-life memories, truly transforming distinct reality into a beautiful narration.


Listen to ‘Falling’ and explore the artist’s amazing debut portfolio ‘Only Way Out’ E.P.