Mike Smiff has teamed up with his brother, Rondo Smiff, for the new album 'Family Business'.

Mike Smiff has seen quite a success in his music career this year. Releasing the singles “Big Steppin'” and “Fed Up”, he then featured on Kodak Black’s song “Vulture’s Cry 2”, which racked up millions of streams in just 2 weeks. Now, Mike has dropped an LP in collaboration with his brother, Rondo Smiff. The title? ‘Family Business’ of course.


Packed with 10 tracks, Mike Smiff said he went “back to basics” on ‘Family Business’. “I feel like I got away from my vibe for a little bit and with my ability to be versatile it’s easy for me to swerve but ‘Family Business’ is what it sounds like when I surround myself around the people and the energy that makes me hungry. I’m back outside and when you hear this project, you can tell!”


Throughout ‘Family Business’ Mike and Rondo Smiff synthesise perfectly with each other. It’s easy to see why they decided to collaborate on the record.


Lead single “No Feelings” captures the sonic vibe of the album with an infectious beat. The story is more sombre, however, and tells the story of a man who wants out of his lifestyle on the streets but can’t find a way.


After years of grafting at his music, Mike Smiff was signed by Slip N Slide Records. The label, which is home to the likes of Rick Ross, Trina, Boosie, Trick Daddy and Kodak Black, is predicting big things for Smiff.

Listen to Mike and Rondo Smiff's 'Family Business' album below: