Malaysia-born, Australia-based talented multi-hyphenate, Bao Chow, keeps up the momentum with his latest single “Fear”

Having only appeared on the scene earlier in 2021 and with a string of successes already under his belt from his previous releases “Sorbet” and “Let Go”, independent artist, Bao Chow, is sure to impress with his latest single “Fear”. Fusing guitar, drums and 808s, the high-energy track is an anthem for conquering fear head on, sure to strike a chord.


With a background in classical music and jazz, Bao Chow was a precocious young musical talent, starting the piano at age five and violin at age six. Securing a scholarship to the highly prestigious Berklee College of Music for jazz sax in Boston, Bao Chow found the inspiration to push sonic boundaries with his melding of classical and jazz samples with modern synthesizers and hard-hitting 808’s, creating his own alchemy of hip-hop music.


Bao Chow has big plans for the future: “I hope to be one of the first predominantly English-speaking global Asian rap stars on the planet but also to be known as a producer and scholar of music”, he explains, “When I went to Berklee, I went there thinking I was going to be a jazz saxophonist for the rest of my life but just look at what can happen when you chase your dreams. Now I’ve learnt to produce, mix and master, and I’m honestly just very excited about the future.”


Expect to hear more from this rising talent as he takes the music industry by storm.

Listen to the track below: