Feed Me Female founders Chloe O’Connell and Hope Flynn expand on their self-empowerment platform with a candid new podcast exploring womanhood in all its intricacies, available on all major platforms.

Social media agony aunts – and real-life cousins – Chloe and Hope founded Feed Me Female in 2020 as a safe outlet to discuss dilemmas facing women in their 20s and 30s. Serving as an alternative to your WhatsApp group chat, Feed Me Female carves a space to interact with like-minded women, tackling topics such as relationship breakdowns and problems in the bedroom with a good dose of humour.


Having amassed a solid community of 11k+ fans, the duo is back with a 6-part podcast series, adding another facet to their unfiltered feminist empire. Building on issues already discussed on their Instagram page from relationship red flags to navigating family trauma, Feed Me Female: The Podcast aims to open up the conversation and dive deeper into everyday issues in a longer format.


Feed Me Female

Discussing the podcast, the duo explains: “If you’ve come across the Feed Me Female Instagram page before, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what we are about. We’re the embodiment of your most lively group chat, free from ego and embarrassment and presenting an unfiltered conversation about stuff that matters and which cuts through the bullshit.

In our podcast, we get to tackle all the important conversations that we usually share in our IG stories  – from toxic relationships, genetic trauma and improving mental well-being – in longer audio form that invites you to pour yourself a cuppa and sit in on the discussion. We’re trying to shed light on and remove the stigma in talking about these issues and we’re aiming to do it with real convo and a sprinkling of our ridiculous humour on top.”


Produced by Grace Barham and sponsored by the iconic iPlaysafe app, Feed Me Female: The Podcast aims to lift the lid on women’s experience from the whacky to the WTF? Available on all streaming platforms now.

Feed Me Female