Houston-based singer-songwriter Tim Qualls just launched his long-awaited album, 'Feel'.

Houston-based singer-songwriter Tim Qualls is released highly-anticipated new album, Feel, on October 20. This record marks a major milestone in Qualls’ 15-year musical journey, showcasing his signature blend of rootsy soul and piano-driven ballads.


The ten tracks on Feel eloquently recount Qualls’ life experiences and emotional mindset through compelling sonic landscapes driven by piano and guitar. Feel represents the culmination of over a decade of honing his songwriting craft and cultivating his distinctive style filled with raw emotion, country-tinged melodies, and pop-forward arrangements.


The album’s genesis traces back to the creation of “Stay,” which came to Qualls during a difficult time in a long-term relationship. The gentle piano/guitar melody and lyrics expressing the desire for someone to remain by your side poured out of him. It was the first time in years he felt truly proud of a song he had written, and it gave him hope that he could still create meaningful music.


This breakthrough allowed Qualls to devote himself to assembling a cohesive body of work demonstrating his musical range. He collaborated with a tight-knit creative team and leveraged connections from his previous success as Houston Press’s “Best New Act” award recipient.


This sincerity shines through on Feel, as Qualls reckons with love, family bonds, and life’s ups and downs. In “I Swear to God I Tried,” he explores love’s complexities over rich cello. “Safe” exudes romance through smooth jazz guitar, while “Mine” traverses relationship awakenings with striking vocals and choruses. Whether upbeat or somber, each song unveils profound human emotions.


Conveying vulnerability through music can forge an authentic connection, Qualls strives for honesty in his lyrics so listeners relate and find comfort, feeling less alone during life’s challenges. His authenticity and infectious melodies have already won over fans, with his Spotify playlist placements exposing him to new audiences. Meanwhile, his latest singles are gaining acclaim as they resonate with listeners.


With Feel, Qualls aimed to establish himself fully in his musical artistry by resetting the bar both sonically and lyrically. He wanted to showcase the creative places and subjects he could explore. But above all, his goal was for the album to uplift listeners and brighten their day.


Judging by early buzz, Feel is poised to fulfill Qualls’ aspirations. For this singular songwriter, it represents a new chapter marked by creative freedom and emotional depth. Listeners will soon be able to share in his poignant musical journey when Feel drops on October 20.


Qualls has been compared to soul legends like Ray Charles and modern piano crooners like Jamie Cullum. However, he has cultivated a unique style filled with raw emotion, country-tinged melodies, and pop-forward arrangements. His music explores universal love, family, and self-discovery themes through an honest, lyrical lens.


Qualls’ blend of genres is a natural outgrowth of his varied inspirations, encompassing everything from 90s country to contemporary pop. He crafts a fresh yet timeless sound by combining organic and electronic elements. Most importantly, the diversity serves the lyrics rather than overshadowing them.


As Qualls prepares to release Feel, devoted fans and newcomers will soon experience how he translates life into compelling music. The new album demonstrates his creativity and vulnerability for this artist, marking a significant milestone in his musical evolution.

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