Open up to your emotions with this brooding single from South London's R&B rising star Eli Moon and his new track "Feelin' Right".

Brooding R&B songwriter Eli Moon delves into powerful emotions with his expansive single, “Feelin’ Right”.  Written in 30 minutes, this synth-based, moving track sees Eli shrug off his past and find new light within dark truths.


Eli’s soulful vocals weave in and out of pulsing synths and distorted beats to create a track that simmers with untapped energy. “Feelin’ Right” was inspired by an introspective time in his life post-breakup where he retreated to the producers’ studio to immerse himself in songwriting and find his voice again.


Hailing from South London, Eli jumped into music by recording demo EPs with friends in school – an exciting, experimental process that lit the fire under him to push forward with a music career which hasn’t slowed since. “Feelin’ Right” is an impressive expansion from his debut, “Bury”, released last month, and cements Moon as a powerful new British R&B voice with the potential to join the leagues of international stars.


Combining classic rock star poeticism with contemporary R&B sounds – Moon’s introspective music taps into a cathartic honesty that we could all use more of. Crack open your feelings with the exclusive premiere of “Feelin’ Right”, below.


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