Geordie producer JBRRMUSIC refines his electronic sound in latest euphoric release ‘Feeling Of XTC’.

JBRRMUSIC has been shaking up the electronic scene for some time. Pushing the genre’s boundaries, his fusion of house, techno and dub sees him stand aside from the crowd, innovating the scene with every track he releases. With his latest track, ‘Feeling Of XTC’ we see him weave a narrative of passion, as the feel-good track only adds another string to his bow as an electronic hotshot.


Built around the idea of love and exploring its immense power, ‘Feeling Of XTC’ boasts unparalleled production, seamlessly weaving together rich piano chords with intricate electronic synths. As luscious vocals sweep the soundscape, each element pulls together to evoke the essence of passion and the transformative power it has on us.


With addictive hooks and uplifting melodies, ‘Feeling Of XTC’ emerges as nothing short of a needed serotonin-hit. Through electrifying beats and infectious energy, listeners embark on a euphoric journey as the track marks another boundary-pushing anthem to add to JBRRMUSIC’s roster.


“As soon as I found the vocals I was instantly hooked,” JBRRMUSIC says of the new release, “I wanted to create a track that pushed the message about how strong the feeling of love can be.”

Listen to 'Feeling Of XTC' now: