Vigo Blax return with their mesmerising new track “Feelings in My Phone” which addresses the dangers of the digital world

Vigo Blax are not afraid of genre-blending and creating ‘something new’ with their sound and message. The international duo, based between the UK and Germany, reveal their new beat-laden track “Feelings in My Phone” and the striking music video that accompanies it, showcasing their talents as producers and songwriters in equal measure.


Following the release of their two singles “Southside” and “Dynamite”, “Feelings in my Phone” hones in on the risks that come with digital dependency. ‘I think it’s extremely important that we develop an awareness for digital depression,’ Vigo explains, ‘We are constantly looking for the next distraction. The next dopamine hit. We’re often not really living in the physical world…We have to become transparent about our digital inventions and openly communicate the risks that come with using them on a daily basis if we want to be able to coexist in a healthy way.”


Although coming from different musical backgrounds – listening to bands like Nirvana, but also rappers like Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and Kanye West – the pair instantly connected and have worked together seamlessly to create an incredibly special and atmospheric soundscape that celebrates their musical influences, from rock, pop, and hip-hop to classical music and gospel.

Stream the single below: