The Texan pop artist, Barrett Crake, is back with his uplifting new single “Feels Right”.

Describing his music as “California electro neon pop”, the queer American pop-enthusiast Barrett Crake has fostered relationships with musicians around the world to create his tracks. Crake teamed up with Deep Divas and Sexycools in 2017 for his remix of Corona’s “Rhythm of the Night” – incidentally, produced by the son of the original producer. The track has garnered over 1.5 million streams and shot up to number 2 on Germany’s dance charts.

Now, the pop singer returns with a global collaboration for his new track “Feels Right”. In a joint effort with Swedish producer Discrete, Netherlands-based Nick Ribbens, and up-and-coming writers Chris Collins and Jasmine Ash, “Feels Right” is a classic synth-pop sunny tune that has us geared up for summer.

Explaining his inspiration for the track, Crake has said: “I was inspired by that feeling in relationships where things feel really good at first but I’m then suspicious of how long could this feeling possibly last? I’m typically overly optimistic but sometimes I get gut feelings of knowing some things are too good to be true!”

We look forward to seeing what other upbeat tunes Crake has up his sleeves!

Stream "Feels Right" below: