'FEVA' marks Lu’s first foray into music.

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Jesse Luketa is branching out. Luketa, now going by the artist name Lu’, is breaking into the music scene with his debut single, ‘FEVA’, available to stream now. The football star is excited to explore this new passion and show his fans a new side of his personality.


‘FEVA’ introduces Lu as an artist who makes catchy music with a distinct sound. He drew inspiration from English and French-speaking artists and Congolese artists. Lu hails from a diverse cultural background and wanted his music to reflect that. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Lu was raised by a single mother who emigrated to Canada from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He spent many years in Pennsylvania as a teen and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Lu’s experiences have given him an eclectic taste, and he cites JB Mpiana, Bob Marley, Burna Boy, and Drake as his musical inspirations. Ottawa legend Belly has also given ‘FEVA’ his stamp of approval, marking a massive moment for Lu.


Lu is no stranger to following – and achieving – his dreams. His interest in music is as deeply ingrained as his love of football, and he plans to be just as successful in the music industry as he has been in the NFL. “Playing at the highest level of football has been my dream since I was 7, but the one thing I’ve loved just as much since that time is music,” he said. Lu does not do anything halfway. He already has plans to reach the highest level in music too. His goal is to have three songs chart on the Billboard Top 100, putting him in league with the biggest names in the industry. His debut single is poised to give listeners a taste of Lu’s fresh, captivating sound.

With ‘FEVA’, Lu shows the music world what he can bring to the table. He described the track as “real, relatable, and above all, a catchy vibe.” His primary focus is creating “feel-good music” that evokes shared experiences with friends and family. Lu puts his heart and soul into his work, striving for a rawness and authenticity that will speak to his fans. He is confident that he can connect with his fans, even if being an NFL linebacker does not sound like a relatable experience. Lu’s storytelling and genuine passion show his listeners a new side of his personality outside of the football stadium.


“The narrative of ‘shut up and dribble’ is one I’ve fought internally for a very long time. I want my audience to grasp how passionate I am about chasing my wildest dreams,” said Lu. “You can’t let another person tell you, your dreams are too far unattainable.” His unwavering commitment to his goals has made him an NFL star; why not a music star, too? Lu’s work ethic and confidence have led him to greatness before. ‘FEVA’ is just the beginning of an exciting journey you will not want to miss.


‘FEVA’ is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to 'FEVA' now: