Suchii is back with another blast of uplifting alt-pop, dropping latest single “Fila Fila”.

Having spent the last few years musically evolving whilst building a strong and dedicated fanbase, Suchii is back this week with a new single, from their ‘Summer On Venus’ EP.  A catchy tune that’s an ode to people wearing a certain brand of chunky white shoes, “Fila Fila” demands summer isn’t over just yet.


Based in Salt Lake City, Suchii’s previous singles “White Angel” and “Pit a Pat” were a mission statement for the artist: sweet, uplifting and brimming with potential. Ever dance-ready, their inspirations for the new track were of love and infatuation, telling a story of buoyant emotions and blissful feelings.


Speaking on the release of “Fila Fila”, Suchii describes, “It is about admitting you have a crush on a guy, a girl, or a non-binary person. Love is not limited to your sexual identify, it’s limitless. The lyrics ‘fila fila fila’ is a line that’s catchy, cute if you imagine your crush in those chunky white shoes, and fun.” Definitely one to get added to your playlists.


Stream "Fila Fila" below"