Rising star Darius Martin returns with his new Afrobeats track 'Fill my Cup': a euphoric tune set to kickstart the summer.

Returning with another timeless track, rising artist Darius Martin releases his new single, ‘Fill My Cup’, a sun-fuelled single sure to shape your summer. For Darius, his artistry is an organic manifestation of inspiration and experiences throughout life. From his Texan roots inspiring his imagination to starting a new life in the surreal metropolis of LA, his music takes shape from experiences, crafting distinctive emotionally driven lyricism.


Paired with his rich deluge of musical influences, from R&B undertones to pop-laced hooks and Afrobeats-infused soundscapes, he has carved a unique and timeless sound. His latest drop, ‘Fill My Cup’, is a real show of skill, driven forward by euphoric riffs and romantic sentiment undercut by a catchy melody.


The song’s name is a double entendre, easily mistaken as a nod towards drinking culture, but Darius uses the cup as a metaphor for life, emphasising the importance of becoming fulfilled through positive actions. It’s a summer tune, laden with Afrobeats references, and delicious percussion driven by melodic vocals.


Speaking on the track, Darius says, Fill My Cup’ isn’t about alcohol or anything that can harm you; it’s about love and filling your cup up with God, knowledge, understanding, peace, love, and everything positive! I wanted to make a feel-good song you can spend summer nights driving around to.”

Listen to 'Fill My Cup' now: