Grammy-nominated producer, Mathieu Jomphe Lepine, releases the atmospheric electronic jam, "Find Myself" - his first offering as Mont Duamel.

Featuring sparkling electronic beats, rolling drum patterns and soft, falsetto vocals, Mont Duamel’s debut release “Find Myself” is instantly replayable.


It’s no wonder the song is so tight – Mont Duamel (AKA Mathieu Jomphe Lepine) has honed his craft as a renowned producer in the commercial pop world, working with pop icons Madonna, Dua Lipa, Britney Spears, and Ariana Grande across a number of star-studded releases, including the 2014 World Cup anthem with Shakira. Now, Mathieu is making his mark in his own solo career.


Speaking of “Find Myself”, Mont Duamel said: “This song came to me very quickly about 2 years ago. I did a scratch vocal melody super quick while making the track and for some reason it felt really good without lyrics. Then, as the project evolved I felt like I wanted to be more involved with vocals and lyrics so I asked one of my good friends (Jamz) to help me with the lyrics”.

“I wanted to explore the idea of starting a new relationship with someone. You have doubts and resistance but then you finally give in because it’s useless to fight the fact that this relationship is making you a better person, and as a result, you find yourself in the process.”


With an EP set for release in Autumn, the highly polished debut introduces Mont Duamel as someone who is ready to step into the limelight themselves.

Listen to "Find Myself" by Mont Duamel below: